You Are Locked!

Bank Vault

120 PLN

Ever wondered what it's like - breaking into a bank vault?
How about getting out of it, and with a prize.


120 PLN

Is it a dream? A nightmare? Or reality...
Or, maybe, all together?
Dare you unravel that mystery?

Midnight Killer MK II

160 PLN
200 PLN

On March 25th a dangerous criminal known as the Midnight Killer has been arrested in Wroclaw. The culprit has denied any allegations and claimed to be falsely charged, but all the evidence had been pointing at him. After a psychological evaluation he was locked up for 25 years. Unfortunately new murders has occurred recently, which look exactly like the ones, committed by the Midnight Killer...


Midnight Killer Lockdown

200 PLN

Coming Soon


Midnight Killer Begins

200 PLN

Coming Soon



No, the door will be unlocked, also you will have means of communication with our staff the whole time, so at any given moment in case of an emergency you will be able to leave the room.
Your whole experience will last as long, as it takes you to get out of the room. But no more, than the maximum amount of time dedicated to a particular room.
Yes, of course you can, if another room is available at a time.
No, the only people present during your gaming experience are members of your team only.
No, everything might need during the game will be provided to you by the game master.
Yes, some rooms might have a minimum age requirement, please pay attention to the room's description.


Monday Promos

Fantasy and Bank Vault
60 min/100 PLN per team
Midnight Killer Difficult version
70 min/140 PLN
Medium difficulty version
90 min/180 PLN


Vouchers are available for purchase at our office after a preliminary appointment. It is also possible to purchase a voucher via e-mail.

Tuesdays and Thursdays
for Students

Fantasy and Bank Vault 90 PLN
at least 50% of the team should have a student ID


While visiting Wroclaw for a wedding, my friends suggested we visit the best escape room in Poland. I was a bit skeptical at first, as this is a bold statement, but upon entering the Midnight Killer escape room, we found it to be 100% the real deal!!! You will have so much fun! This is a complex and well-thought out escape room with elaborate set pieces, many of which have multimedia triggers. It isn't your regular "lock and key" escape room, the Midnight Killer is an experience I'll never forget. Listen to the advice that the host gives you, it comes in very handy! This room is about precision and patience. Take a step back, observe EVERYTHING, and enjoy the ride!!! The staff is incredibly friendly and thorough. They really want you to have a good time and genuinely enjoy what they do. Thank you Piwnica Quest for showing us a great time!
Midnight Killer is the BEST ESCAPE ROOM EVER !!!
This room is just amazing, the story, the effects, all the surprises ... a lot of effort was put in this room and you can feel that every second of the game.
What we really loved about this room was the ending, sometimes rooms just end after you solve the last puzzle.
Not this one. Here you get a proper ending ...
To tell anything more about this room without spoiling is almpost impossible ... so just go and play it :)
Just stunning
After being a little freaked out by the Midnight Killer room, this Easter themed Fantasy Room was so much fun!
I loved the different kinds of puzzles (less electronics), and all the animals and details were adorable. For me, it was the perfect way to end the experience.
Fun and adorable!
We enjoyed all of the rooms in Piwnica - Fantasy, Bank Vault and Midnight Killer. We enjoyed great afternoon in perfectly created and prepared rooms. Fantasy is very nice, cute game with fairytale atmosphere. Bank is little bit more difficult than fantasy, more action, but still very comfortable to play. At the end, we went to play Midnight Killer. We are pair and played cca 10-15 escape rooms before. Obviously, MK was one of the best, maybe the best game ever. It is not easy, but really full of atmosphere, original quests and cool scary story. Killer is recommended for advanced players, so in Piwnica you will definitely find the level and the theme of game you are looking for. Definitely recommended and greetings from Prague :-)
One of the best!
While traveling around Europe we visited our friends in Wroclaw.
And we decided to visit an escape-room called Midnight Killer II. I liked the room and riddles so much, that this adventure stayed with me for a few more days.
Already at home, whilst telling my friends about our trip and naturally - about this room, I was still impressed)))
There's no point in writing anything about the room itself. You have to go there!
If you'll ever go to Wroclaw you should definitely visit this great escape-room.
By the way there more rooms at that location My guess is they are also quite good.
I'm amazed!!!

Who can play?

  • Friends & Family
  • Co-workers
  • Gaming Enthusiats
  • Tourists

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